Congaree National Park

Our family planned a day trip to Congaree National Park in South Carolina. We walked the Boardwalk Loop Trail which is 2.4 miles round trip from the visitors center. The trail is stroller… Continue reading

For Sale

It’s with a heavy hearts that we are putting our 1st traveling home up for sale. So many amazing memories, 44 states, and countless adventures. Two kids later we have now outgrown our beloved… Continue reading

West Virginia

We just got back from a week in West Virginia with our close friends Pam and Mel. Our week was spent playing games, laying by the pool, hiking to a waterfall, tubing down the river,… Continue reading

Space A to the UK

Our family successfully traveled Space A to and from the United Kingdom! It was a close call both ways but we got lucky. Listed below is the details of both flights to give others interested an idea… Continue reading

Space A to Hawaii

Aloha! Our family successfully traveled via Space A to and from Hawaii! While the flight to Hawaii was rather simple the flight home was more of a challenge. It was the first time… Continue reading

Happy 1st Birthday Mason!

We just celebrated Mason’s 1st birthday. Can’t believe how fast this year has went! Thanks to everyone who came out for his party. Although we wish the weather would have been nicer we are grateful… Continue reading

Sailing expectations

Since Jon and I are new to sailing I wanted to do a post about our concerns and expectations for our new adventure. I thought it would be fun to be able to… Continue reading

Sea Trials

We had our sea trial on Wednesday March 9th. Sea trials for boats are similar to home inspections for houses, except more important since your life is literally riding on the boat. We… Continue reading

Top 10 photos before 2016

We are by no means professional photographers, in fact taking photos is one thing I wish we were better at since we visit so many beautiful places. While Jon likes using his IPhone and has recently discovered Instagram,… Continue reading

Boat Shopping

For those of you who are not fans on our facebook page(, we  recently announced that we purchased a sailboat! Although its been awhile and we have a lot of post to catch… Continue reading