British Columbia: Vancouver Island & Whistler

Hey Everyone! *Please note this is an old blog post from 2017 from my previous website where I have transferred over the pictures and information* Please enjoy some of my favourite photos. I hope this information is still helpful!

I have gotten a lot of questions from my previous trip to Vancouver Island and Whistler, about what I did, where I went and where I ate (If you know me you know my obsession for food and eating/ you know I won’t do anything if it doesn’t include or end in getting food) So I thought I would share some pictures from my trip with descriptions of what I loved, and where to find some killer white girl insta selfies! For starters: Anyone travelling to Vancouver – I HIGHLY RECOMMEND renting a car! It’s the easiest way to get around and explore, and for anyone who loves car rides (me me me) the views driving along the island and the highway to Whistler are unbelievable (makes the entire trip complete.) Whistler: We stayed in Whistler for 3 nights and 4 days, which was plenty of time to do everything we planned. We stayed right in the village and It made it easier to get food, shop and explore!

Joffre Lake Hike: I have been here before and we HAD to go back. It’s an hour past Whistler and you walk roughly 1 hour – hour and a half up a mountain and you go past 3 lakes! The last being this beautiful lake surrounded by glaciers (.. and yes they are all blue) The first time we decided to do this hike it said it was about a 4km walk.. naturally I assumed it was a easy and a FLAT walk to see all of these lakes and boy was I wrong. You go STRAIGHT UP the majority of the way to the 2nd and 3rd lake. The only negative comment I have about this place now Is how BUSY IT IS NOW!!! The first time I went 3 years ago noone was there and It wasn’t a very well known place. Just make sure If you plan to go, either go early in the day or later in the afternoon to avoid buses of tourist!

Joffre Lake: Second Lake

Joffre Lake: Third Lake …. only took 145 pictures to get the one I was going for

Tofino + Ucluelet: This is on the Island, so from the airport we rented our car and took the ferry to the Island! The ferry is around 2 hours and then from the port to Tofino is 3 hours (thank god my man loves to drive)! We stayed in Uclulet on the ocean in this amazinng house! It was a walkout to the ocean and had a hot tub overlooking. The photos you see with the sunlight were around a 1 min walk across from our house we stayed at and it was unbelievable! We just climbed down and grabbed a seat on the rocks and watched the sun go down!

Surfing: It’s a must In Tofino!! Don’t get me wrong, It aint easy, but It’s honestly so much fun! We were out all day just trying to get up on some of the waves (I got up around 3 times….) People from everywhere come just to catch the waves! It cost 100$ for body suits and boards for an all day rental which is pretty decent for 2 people.

Black Rock Oceanfront Resort: This was one of the expensive nights we had on the Island, It’s overlooking the sunset and ocean on this amazing patio! We had Tuna steaks, oysters, Duck and more! It had a really great food and view.

Raven lady Oyster Foodtruck: I LOVE seafood so this was a must! The entire menu was oysters made In different ways (deep fried, baked, breaded) And It was an extremely amazing price for the BIGGEST oysters I’ve ever had.

Elk Falls/ Suspension Bridge: This was only 25 mins outside of comox and a short walk to the falls and suspension bridge! A lot of cool views and it’s easy to climb down midway to the falls to get some killer pictures (If you’re not scared of heights)

The hotel: Beautiful Floral arrangements like this EVERYWHERE!!

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My names Madison Mariella, born in Ottawa, Ontario and I’m a Case Officer for the Government of Canada. I’m a Libra, I love cooking, dogs, all music but mostly R&B, I’m Italian, I enjoy reading self-help and poetry books, listening to crime and psychotherapy podcasts. I’m lactose intolerant, my favorite colors blue, I love Broadway, Musicals, Disney and Horror movies. My favorite food is either sushi or pasta, I love taking photos but I enjoy editing more, I’m very quiet when I first meet someone and annoying loud when I’m around people I’m comfortable with. I love candy over chocolate, red over white, I hope to read 50 books before I’m 30, driving while listening to music with the windows down is my most peaceful place, I usually never have matching socks on and if I were to ever die and be reincarnated, I would want to be a singer.

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